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WHILL Model Fi - Folding Power Wheelchair




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The new Model Fi from the award-winning team at WHILL has everything you need in a travel power chair. Lightweight, foldable, and highly maneuverable, the WHILL Model Fi allows you to get out and explore your world with greater mobility and independence.

The Model Fi is WHILL’s first foldable power chair. Its design allows it to be transported on planes, buses, trains, or in the trunk of a car or taxi with ease. When you’re not using it, the Model Fi power chair can be conveniently stored in a closet or out-of-the-way corner of the room.

Are you looking to personalize your ride? There are a variety of popular accessories available for the WHILL Model Fi folding power chair, including a convenient storage basket, lap belt, cane holder, side bag, and a smart key that allows you to lock and unlock the device remotely.


  • Foldability: The WHILL Model Fi is designed to make life easier while you’re traveling or working. It is extremely portable, folding in less than 3 seconds for transportation or storage. Length is only 18.6” when folded, allowing the Model Fi to be easily transported on a plane, train, bus, or in the back of a car, van, truck, taxi, or Uber.
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 52.9 lb. when the battery has been removed (58.9 lb. if battery is left attached). Can be lifted into the back of a vehicle by a caregiver or loved one.
  • Customization: Back angle, controller height, controller side, arm height, and arm width (16”/18”) are all adjustable. Choose from 5 different arm colors to suit your style!
  • Maneuverability: 30.7" turning radius allows you to turn in narrow spaces such as elevators, bathrooms, office cubicles, and hallways.
  • High Performance: The Model Fi foldable power chair has a 20-kilometer range per charge, 250-pound weight capacity, and a 6 km/h top speed. Climb over obstacles up to 1.4” high and drive up or down inclines of up to 10°.
  • Remote Control: Use the WHILL app to remotely drive the Model Fi with your smartphone.
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery is airline friendly.
  • Storage: Under-seat storage basket and side bag can be purchased as optional add-on accessories


    Size Options
    Seat Width: 18"

    Maximum Speed: 3.7 mph
    Operating Range (up to): 12.4 miles
    Battery Type: 25.3V 10.6AH Lithium Ion
    Charging Time: 5 Hours
    Turning Radius: 30.7"
    IPX4 Water Resistance

    Length x Width: 21.9" x 36.8"
    Folded Dimensions: 21.9" wide x 18.3" long x 33.7" tall
    Ground/Obstacle Clearance: 1.4"
    Seat Size: 18"w 
    Armrests: 16"-18" Adjustable Width

    Weight Capacity

    Weight of Unit: 52.9lbs (without battery)
    Battery: 6lbs

    Optional Accessories
    Additional Battery, Additional Battery Charger, Lap Belt, Smart Key, Joystick Knob, Basket, Cane Holder, Dust Cover, Side Bag
    *Accessories purchased separately. Contact HomEquip for details

    *WHILL & Accessories are excluded from any site wide sales/discounts