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Span America Geo Ultra Max Mattress


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Reactive pressure redistribution support surface, Developed to exceed even the most rigorous requirements of the acute care environment.


  • Ultra Resilient: Exclusive UHP 500™ torso section, and 3-dimensional Zoning™ design ensure support and durability not achievable with traditional HR, latex, or viscoelastic foams.
  • Ultra Comfortable: Precision-engineered to facilitate the sustained, restful sleep that can be a critical contributor to healing and recovery.
  • Ultra Effective: Geo-Matt® segmented surface and Shear Transfer Zone™ design deliver unsurpassed protection against shearing, pressure, and heat/moisture buildup
  • Firm perimeter provides edge-of-bed stability. Benefits: Fall prevention; safety during ingress, egress.
  • Segmented Geo-Matt® surface creates more than 800 individually articulating cells, ventilated by Ring-of-Air® channels. Benefits: Clinically -proven protection against shearing; dissipates heat and moisture build-up.
  • 3-Dimensional Zoning™ core design provides anatomically- calibrated levels of support and immersion throughout surface. Benefits: Extreme comfort; optimized tissue load management; enhanced product longevity
  • Two-way heel protection Segmented viscoelastic foam cradles the heel.
  • Gentle Heel Slope™ redistributes pressure to more pressure-tolerant lower legs. Benefits: Enhanced skin integrity; comfort.
  • UPH 500 (Ultra High Performance Foam): Specially formulated for the UltraMax, the unique cellular structure of UHP 500 gives it a combination of properties not achievable with any of the foams commonly used in medical support surfaces.
  • Durability and Support: The seat section of a typical support surface is exposed to the highest level of mechanical fatigue due to repeated gatching, compounded by the concentration of patient weight, especially with the head of the bed (HOB) elevated. To address this, the entire seat section of the UltraMax is built from UHP 500, which provides:
  • A 55% higher Support Factor than typical medical-grade foams, Unmatched protection from “bottoming out”,even with HOB elevated, Superior resiliency and recovery, even when compared to typical HR foams. Consumer-like Comfort: UHP 500 is engineered to mimic the luxurious feel and longevity of natural latex, the foam used in top-of-the-line consumer bedding products. 100% Latex-free, 100% PBDE-free. Won’t trap heat or induce shearing like flat viscoelastic foams
  • Shear Transfer Zone: Beyond its Geo-Matt® segmented top surface, the UltraMax provides an additional measure of shearing protection in the form of the silicone-coated, shearminimizing fabric bands located on the underside of its bi-directional stretch cover. This Shear Transfer Zone design helps Prevent heels, sacrum, and scapula from “digging into”surface. “Glide” user back to original position following HOB elevation. Protect against damaging effects of micro shear, macro shear, and rotational (pivot-induced) shear. Provide patient stability by transferring shear to more shear-tolerant anchor points.
  • Bi-directional Stretch Cover: Fluid-resistant, Anti-microbial, Tear-resistant, Wipes clean with standard hospital-grade cleaners, Two reinforced carry handles on one side, Split non-skid bottom: helps reduce “gatching noise”
  • 3-sided, flapped zipper: Benefits: Infection control; ease of cleaning; ease of replacement
  • Inner fire barrier Benefits: Safety; regulatory compliance


    Size Options
    36" x 75" / 36" x 80" / 36" x 84" / 39" x 80"  / 39" x 84" / 42" x 80" / 42" x 84"
    *Only the 36" x 80" size can be purchased online, all other sizes require a quote

    Mattress Height

    Weight Capacity
    36" 500lbs / 39" & 42" 600lbs