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Span America Geo Max Mattress




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Premium Therapeutic Foam Mattress, Three-tier, zoned design is the key to its high-end protection.


  • Maximum Heel Protection: Combines proprietary Heel Slope™ and luxurious viscoelastic “memory” foam to deliver unsurpassed offloading of vulnerable heels.
  • Maximum Safety: Supportive firm perimeter bolsters facilitate safer patient transfers, help eliminate dangerous gaps, and add stability for edge-of-bed sitting.
  • Maximum Performance: Clinically proven Geo-Matt® anti-shear surface, multi-tiered construction, 7-year warranty and 400 lb. capacity make it an exceptional offering.
  • Unique Geo-Matt® Design: Creates anti-shearing surface with 800 individually responsive cells in three zones. Ring-of-Air® channels help eliminate heat and moisture build-up
  • Firm Perimeter Bolsters: Help provide safer transfers, more stable edge-of-bed sitting, and reduced risk of gaps at siderails.
  • Multi-tiered, progressive resistance core: Premium, high-density foams are combustion modified
  • Exclusive Heel Slope: Subtle taper redistributes load onto more pressure-tolerant lower legs while providing complete foot support. Documented to deliver heel pressures an average of 27% lower than leading competitors.
  • Viscoelastic foot section: Luxurious, “memory” foam with individually-segmented Geo-Matt design. Enhanced immersion gently cradles heels.
  • Fluid-repellent, flame-resistant top fabric: Anti-microbial and anti-fungal. Neoprene/butyl coated underside yields extremely low moisture vapor
  • transmission rate (MVTR).
  • Exclusive hidden zipper cover design: Flapless construction creates no collection points for contaminants. Combines with stain-resistant surface
  • coating to ensure easy, thorough cleaning.
  • Flammability compliant: All models are fire barrier approved


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32" x 80" / 35" x 75" / 35" x 78" / 35" x 80" / 35" x 84" / 39" x 75" / 54" x 75" / 60" x 80" / 76" x 80"
*Only the 35" x 80" size can be purchased online, all other sizes require a quote

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