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NXT BioFit Cushion


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Please contact HomEquip for pricing/quote as it varies per type and size, and to verify this cushion is right for clients needs or per Occupational Therapist recommendation.


The NXT BioFit Wheelchair Cushion’s multi-layer design provides deep immersion, support and skin protection for users at medium to high risk of skin break down, by redistributing pressure over the full sitting surface of the cushion.

At Dynamic we are always focused on making our products better. The best they can be. We continuously improve our products based on our customers feedback as well as our own intimate expertise. As a result, Dynamic continues to offer a product line that is both diverse and technologically advanced.

These advancements are evident with our new generation of BioFit Wheelchair Cushions with smartGELTM Infused Visco Technology: Comprised of a Visco Elastic foam that’s been infused with gel, smartGEL incorporates its gel into the foam mixture at the molecular level. This a allows for 100% homogeneous cooling with no breakdown of embedded gel beads 

Anatomically shaped SPS (Selectively Perforated Softening) perforations are anatomically positioned to support the ischial/sacral area to prevent sliding and shear and maintain pelvic positioning. Provides immersion and lower pressures to the bony prominences while supporting surrounding areas that can take a higher load.

Pelvic Obliquity/Lateral Pads are available in 0.5” (1.3cm) or they can be doubled to 1” (2.5cm). They are easy to install in a variety of locations with double-sided tape and can be trimmed to fit. These pads can be used as a pelvic obliquity build up or adduction for thighs.


  • Soft density top layer for comfort and immersion
  • SmartGEL infused foam reduces surface temperature, drawing heat away from skin
  • Medium Density Viso Foam provides improved support, positioning and immersion
  • Firm HR Moulded Layer for support, stability and durability with SIT Technology

  • Reduces surface temperature, drawing heat away from skin
  • Provides superior comfort and softness
  • Highly resilient and long lasting
  • Higher IFD (Indent Force Deflection and density)

Each, Includes: Foam Cushion, Inner Cover, Outer Cover

Seat Width: 10 - 26"
Seat Depth: 10 - 22"
Height at Leg Trough: 3.25"
Height at Highest Point: 4.25"
Weight: 2.4lbs - Based on 16x16"

Weight Capacity
300lbs / 400lbs (22-26" Widths)

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