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neXus 3 4 Wheel Walker




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The best selling neXus series rollators have innovated the way we think about walking aids. With the first-ever patented crossfolding frame, it set the standard for future walking aids design. The neXus 3 rollator features a cross-folding frame, making it exceptionally easy to fold. The soft zippered bag folds together while remaining on the rollator. It can stand independently in a folded position with the bag on the rollator. The cross-folding design also enables the rollator to be partially folded to pass through narrow spaces.

The cable-free and anatomic brake handles increases safety and comfortability. No cables catch on objects around the home. The cable-free braking system also ensures years of trouble-free use. We have had anatomy and strong visual communication in mind when designing the brake handles. They are comfortable, and the red ball makes the brake handles visible. The cross folding structure enables superior walking ergonomics with ample walking space. The padded, contoured, and cushioned seat offers a comfortable resting spot. The backstrap can be flipped to allow for two position seating.


  • Padded Backrest: Back comfort while seated. Can be flipped both ways and is included with the rollator.
  • Foam Cushioned Seat: Offers a comfortable resting spot while walking.
  • Anatomic Brake Handles: The anatomic brake handles are easy and comfortable to use.
  • Soft Zippered Bag: Soft bag that folds with the mobility aid. Maximum capacity 11lb.


Size Options
Super Low / Low / Standard

Seat Height: 19" / 22" / 24"
Overall Width: 23" 
Width Between Handles: 17.5"
Handle Height: 30.5 - 34.1" / 30.5-36.5" / 32.5-39.8"

Note: on the Super Low walker, the top 5 holes in the handle adjustment are NOT usable, only the bottom 3 holes. This offers a height of 30.5 - 34". The Super Low can be special ordered with extra short handles if required offering a 27.5 - 30.5" handle height

Weight Capacity

16.9lbs / 17.1lbs / 17.3lbs

Colour Options
Black, Blue, Red (Burgundy)