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Curbell Advanced Alarm Monitor




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A patient who moves around a lot may move off of the sensor pad for a few seconds, causing a false alarm. The Advanced Bed and Chair Monitor features a Delay control that helps prevent false alarms when the patient momentarily moves off the sensor pad, and an easy access reset button. These monitors also allow connection to your nurse call system, a call cord for increased notification capabilities, and AC power. 

Features (Italicized features are the "advanced" features vs. the standard model)

  • Dedicated button for quick access to volume control
  • Reset button allows your staff to quickly cancel an alarm (the monitor reactivates automatically without an On/Off switch)
  • “Low Battery/Replace Pad”, “Alarm”, and “In Use” indicator LEDs show status at a glance
  • Alarm delay setting helps prevent false alarms when the patient momentarily moves off the sensor pad
  • Pause feature gives the caregiver 30 seconds to reposition the patient without activating the alarm
  • Nurse call jack allows direct notification to nurse call
  • Call cord jack allows the connection of call cords
  • Volume can be turned off to reduce alarm fatigue
  • Bed, chair, and wall mount options are available
  • Strain relief helps prevent damage to the sensor pad cord
  • Durable thick plastic casing and impact-resistant rubberized edging reduces replacement/repair costs
  • Power Source: 4 AA batteries (included) or AC backup (purchased separately)

*Pad sold separately.
**See the Curbell Wireless Alarm Monitor for additional features


5.3″ x 3.5″ x 1.7″