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UPWalker Lite




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The UPWalker Lite by LifeWalker is a lightweight version of the original UPWalker. This mobility device allows users to walk in an upright position without bending or slouching into uncomfortable, non-ergonomic positions. This upright, straight-backed positioning is accomplished by means of comfortable, heightened forearms supports. The UPWalker Lite is built to provide easy and seamless navigation while improving patient posture, reducing back and joint pain, and increasing user comfort, stability, and safety. Users who have tested the UPWalker Lite have stated that they felt more confident, active, and independent due to this upright walker's uncompromising support.

In addition to its unique upright mobility functionality, the UPWalker Lite walking aid is designed with several other features that make user lives easier. For example, this walking aid comes with a seat and backrest so that if the user tires, they will always have a comfortable place to sit and rest. Integrated wheels make pushing the UPWalker smooth and effortless. In addition, this UP Walker walker's handles include breaking capabilities for safe and seamless navigation. Push buttons make height adjustment an uncomplicated and snappy process. The UPWalker Lite's slim, lightweight, and compact design along with its folding ability makes transportation and storage easy. Lastly, a sturdy aluminum alloy frame means this upright walker will last users a lifetime.

The UPWalker Lite also comes with several handy accessories. These accessories include an attachable bag for transporting personal items, a convenient cupholder, and a supportive backrest for when users need to take a break. 

The UPWalker Lite can be used both indoors and outdoors, giving users the freedom to go almost anywhere they desire knowing that they have the support of the UPWalker. In some cases, this has increased user independence and led to a more active life. When these users get to their destination, they can also now stand tall and look at their loved ones and passersby in the eye with this upright walker. Try UPWalker Lite for the gift of added confidence and dignity to your loved ones with the UPWalker Lite.


  • Padded adjustable height armrests
  • Ergonomic lockable brakes
  • Comfortable fabric seat and backrest
  • Sit-to-Stand handles
  • Sturdy foldable frame
  • 8" front wheels
  • Cup holder
  • Personal item bag


Size Options
One Size - Recommended User Height: 4'7" - 5'10"

Seat Height: 21.5"
Seat Width x Depth: 18" x 10"
Armrest Height: 34" - 45"
Overall Width x Length: 24.8" x 29"
Sit-to-Stand Handle Height: 27"
Wheels: 8" Front, 6" Back

Weight Capacity


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