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UPWalker Original




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The UPWalker Walking Aid by LifeWalker is a mobility device that helps users walk in a more natural upright posture, without needing to bend over or slouch in uncomfortable positions. The UPWalker rollator has high handles that support the user’s arms at the optimal position for comfort, which removes the constant pressure on the hands and wrists experienced with other devices. The UP Walker helps recapture normal gait and mobility.

The LifeWalker UPWalker requires less effort, due to its lightweight and its maneuverability. The large 8-inch wheels roll over almost any surface, from smooth floors to rougher terrain, such as grasslands or even pathways. Free-swiveling front wheels allow this unit to turn with ease. A locking mechanism can restrict the motion to force a straight line if needed.

Bicycle-style ergonomic hand controls operate the brakes with a simple squeeze. Pulling the handles away from the hand-grips engage the parking brakes that keep the UPWalker Upright Walker from moving. With the brakes locked, the walking aid serves as a chair with a seat that slides to the back with minimal effort. Stand-to-sit handles provide a solid foundation to hold onto while sitting or standing. Rotating hand-grips allow for the natural positioning of the hands for maximum comfort.


  • Padded adjustable height armrests
  • Ergonomic hand grips with full rotation for precise adjustment
  • Adjustable bar for hand/arm position
  • Lockable brakes
  • Comfortable fabric seat 
  • Sit-to-Stand handles
  • Sliding fabric seat with backrest - slides front to back for sitting or walking 
  • Sturdy foldable frame
  • 8" front and rear wheels
  • Swivel Locking front wheels to allow for gait training
  • Cup holder
  • Personal item bag


Size Options
Standard / Large

Recommended User Height:
4'7" - 5'10" / 4'10" - 6'5"

Seat Height: 20" / 21"
Seat Width x Depth: 18" x 11" / 20" x 16"
Armrest Height:  32.5" - 43.5" / 36" - 49.5"
Overall Width x Length: 23.5" x 33.5" / 25.5" x 36"
Sit-to-Stand Handle Height: 30" / 32"
Wheels: 8" Front and Back
Folded Dimensions: 33.5"L x 10.5"W x 37.5"H / 36"W x 10.5"W x 40"H

Weight Capacity
300lbs / 350lbs

23.5lbs / 25.5lbs

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