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Orthex Seat Cushion




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  • Optimal Posture: The inner structure of the Symbia 2.5’’ includes an angle that provokes a front rotation of the pelvis which helps to restore the natural lower back curvature.
  • Pressure Reduction: A seated position causes a lot of pressure on the sit bones. The design of this posture cushions helps reduce weight effect while increasing comfort level.
  • Stress decrease: The Symbia 2.5’’ design balances the use of muscles and joints by mixing comfort with calculated body repositioning.
  • Comfortable Texture: Our high resilience velva structure combined with our cooling gel infused memory foam provides a comfortable feel making adaptation easy and fast.
  • Usage: Place the Symbia 2.5''on the surface where you want to sit. While seated on this posture cushion; the zipper placed on the right side provides a declination optimizing the natural curve of the lumbar region.
  • Supported Regions: Buttocks – Hamstrings
  • Composition: Support structure: High resilience polyurethane foam (velva).
  • Comfort layer: High density, gel infused viscoelastic foam (memory foam).
  • Angle: There is an angle to correct posture inside the cushion.
  • Bamboo Covering - Three layered Bamboo fabric easily removable for maintenance. The top layer is 100% viscose made from Bamboo, the inter-lining and interior lining are made of polyester for added durability.
  • Maintenance: The Bamboo cover is machine washable in cold water. Lay flat to dry. No ironing. No bleach. Additional covers are available at your retailers


18" x 15" x 2.5"